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How to make paper Rosettes

A wall in our aftercare class needed a little brightening up, so we made some panda themed paper rosettes. This turned into a fun crafting activity for our after school kids.

Here’s what you will need to make a paper rosette:

  • 3 sheets of A4 paper
  • glue

How to make a paper rosette:

  1. Place the A4 paper on the table with the long side facing you.
  2. Fold over a 2 cm piece of the paper.
  3. Turn the paper over and fold another 2cm on top of the 1st fold.
  4. Keep folding until you reach the end of the paper.
  5. Fold all 3 papers all the way through.

6. Take each paper and press the folds down and fold the paper sides together in the middle.

7. Do this with all 3 papers.

8. Put some glue on the middle fold and press together (forming a fan)

9. Glue all 3 pieces together, creating a rosette.

10. All that is left is to decorate the rosettes as you wish. We used panda prints to go with our panda themed class. -You can find the panda sheet I created for this project here-