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How to make paper Rosettes

A wall in our aftercare class needed a little brightening up, so we made some panda themed paper rosettes. This turned into a fun crafting activity for our after school…
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Easy to make Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is super fluffy and fun to play with. It’s also a great sensory activity. Here’s what you will need to make Cloud Dough: Flour – 8 cups Vegetable…

Fast, easy Marshmallow cookies

Want a super easy, super fast treat for the kids? This is my go-to treat for that school bake sale tomorrow, you only heard about now. (or does this only…
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how to make your own Play dough

Play dough is easier to make than you think and the uses are endless. Kids can play with it for hours, it’s great for imagination, fine motor skills and for…

Vanilla Cookies

This easy cookie recipe is the first one I ever baked on my own as a little girl in primary school. It’s been a while since I made them, so…

Best Brownie Recipe

I am telling you these Brownies don’t last in my house. Fights will break out, if you try this recipe. We had to share it equally and put each bowl…

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