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Change Challenge – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


The Change Challenge celebrates the power of small change.

Those coins you find in your pocket, in your car, or under the sofa cushions can become a powerful tool for financial stability. This product is your reminder that great accomplishments often begin with small steps.

What’s included:
Pdf with the Change Challenge in 4 designs.

Or get this on Etsy here:  Change Challenge


How does it work:
This Change Challenge is designed to make saving fun, engaging, and highly rewarding. Picture a beautifully crafted savings tracker with 240 slots, each waiting to be filled. But here’s the twist – we start with just 10 cents. That’s right, your journey begins with a single dime. With each slot, the savings increment by 10 cents. By the time you reach the final block at R 25, you’ll have saved an impressive R 3,137.50.

The Change Challenge is more than just a savings tool; it’s a testament to the power of consistency.


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